TTMC - Tycoon Tiger Mega yacht Club

High quality tiger NFT collection & metaverse game

WELCOME TO THE Tycoon Tiger Mega yacht Club!

TTMC is a collection of 10,000 Tycoon Tigers NFTs—unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain.A collection of high-quality NFTs handmade by applying metadata to combine 200 traits.

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TTMC Membership Card (Collections 9885)

The total quantity is 9885, giving everyone an equal chance to hold. Anyone can purchase from OPENSEA, The top 500 buyers will get a chance to become a "master node".

Masternode (TTMC VIP membership Limited 500) benefits

Masternodes are the rulers of the PARTII platform and will be in the position of early adopters for all products. Masternodes will share 10% of PARTII tokens, and will get preferential membership tickets for various online and offline promotions and travel promotions.

Special Limited Edition 100

This is an edition created specifically for influencers, celebrities and brand partnerships. These will be the first collectible NFT rare items in an Unreal-based metaverse game.

Super Saiyan Limited Edition 5

This will be applied as a boss character with high combat power in Unreal Engine based games, and will be applied as the rarest item of legend that is difficult to obtain. When all 5 are collected, the evolution system changes into the strongest giant character.

Legendary Limited Edition 10

This edition is meant to celebrate the greatest contribution to the project. Made with unique NFTs such as gold, silver, diamond, and god, It will be applied as a game player in Unreal Engine metaverse games.

Tiger NFT into the Unreal Engine-based metaverse game!

Our strength and incomparable point is the fantastic graphics powered by Unreal Engine, the world's best game engine. 3D tiger becomes the player in the extreme fantastic graphics, In addition to action, you can exchange various cultures, enjoy various experiences such as daily life, and do commerce through multi-social.

We call this "Tigeria", and in a futuristic city we aim to release a true metaverse game where you can shop and watch in a supercar with your colleagues.